Safety-Oriented Driving Education Thrives in Calgary

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Published: 01st August 2012
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The driving education in Canada is exhaustive. Driving instruction is offered in several types of vehicles. Ranging from motorcycles to big trucks, the driving courses cover individuals, corporations, fleets and businesses. Driving schools follow professionally developed curriculums for each vehicle type and ensure in-person driver training with a personal touch. The leading driving schools impart instruction in-class preparation by licensed driving instructors.

Why Driving Training?

There is a lot of difference between untrained drivers and those who are well trained. An example will suffice. An educated driver recognizes brake lights and can rightly apply driving tips provided by instructors such as tapping brake early to keep a safe distance from the car in front and help the other car behind to slow down.

Similarly the dictum that when a driver wants to turn left or right the directional switch or the yellow indicator has to be pressed at least 8 seconds before changing the lane. Tailgating is another strictly banned action for those who had taken driving lessons at a good driving school.

To practice licensing tests, different driving school websites exhibit samples on the website. When a person joins driving school he gets a manual that has to be studied with concentration. Manual given by the driving schools helps people to update rules and regulations.

In parts of Canada G1 tests are important for driving instruction. It covers the rules of the road and road signs. Only four mistakes will be allowed in the test otherwise the person will get automatically rejected.

Calgary factor

Calgary is dotted with famous driving schools. Most of the Calgary driving schools have versatile instructors to train young drivers.

In Alberta region, a learner’s driving license can be had at the age of 14 with parental consent after a written test and vision test are passed.

All well to do Driver schools have a range of driving lessons suited to all conditions. Winter driving; fatigue management and online driver training are all part of it. Taking into account the importance of teaching effective driving tips for teenagers, who are more accident-prone than others, structured driver education programs are in place to teach them driving-rules, regulations and the mechanical aspects of cars to reduce accidents.

After classroom training, in-vehicle training and classes for online tests will follow. The driving instruction over all takes a hard look at hazardous traffic, road conditions and bad weather related driving risks and ways to cope with it.

GDL Program

The Graduate Driver Licensing (GDL) program in Alberta makes it mandatory for all new drivers to seek driving instruction in government approved as well as privately run driving schools. The new drivers are taught the basic skills required to drive a vehicle safely.


There are many driver programs covering motorcycles, cars, trucks in addition to online defensive driving courses pertaining to all types of driving. The drivers trained in specific categories of commercial driving become eligible for career licenses like Class 1 and Class 3 including the best commercial trucker training programs.

Among the Calgary driving schools "A" Driving School is a great inspiration for the fraternity with its 40 years of meritorious service and several awards. At a time the Federal and provincial governments are taking many initiatives in driver training Driving schools like “A” Driving is scripting inspiring sagas at the driver education front of Canada.

Author is driving instructor and has written many articles that provide enough information about driving instruction and Quality driving school. In this article, she has discussed about driving education
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